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At MAX Illumination, we believe that we do business is as important as what we do-it’s what makes us different-so we are challenging industry norms by altering the way people use LED Light...


LED Light Panel .LED Light Sheet, LED Light Box, LED Aluminum Channel and other LED Accessories


Backlight LED Light Panel, Custom LED Light Panel, LED Aluminum Profile and LED Light Boxes

Cosmetic Counter LED Light Panel

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  • Fabric LED Light Panel
    Fabric LED Light Panel

    Custom fabric led panel is for ceilings and walls lighting construction. We manufacture the led panel + fabric to install on the...

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  • Backlight Stained Glass and Glasswork
    Backlight Stained Glass and...

    We manufacture the customized light panel backlit stained glass and glass art. Creating customized LED panel backlighting for stained...

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  • LED Panel Backlight Stone Wall
    LED Panel Backlight Stone Wall

    Recently, we have a project which using led light panel backlit the artificial stone wall. 1. installing a plywood or...

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  • Backlit Stone
    Backlit Stone

    Recently, we did a project which using custom led light panel backlit stone veneer that is 3D surface. The 3D stone is more used for...

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